Suzhou jinyuansheng intelligent equipment co., ltd. is located in taicang city, jiangsu province, one of the top ten counties in China. It is located in shaxi ancient town, taicang city.Company was founded in March 2013, the introduction of the current international domestic most advanced air superfine comminution, on this basis, according to the flow direction and superfine comminution of dry powder raw material market the needs of users at home and abroad, we have a large number of research and development work, the original technology digestion, absorption and re-innovation, in three years we have ten several technology patents. According to the characteristics of the user materials, we can provide targeted airflow ultra-fine grinding technology solutions, and the product application performance and production quality have been praised unanimously by the user.The company insists on "surviving by quality, developing by innovation". Every year, 30 percent of the profits are invested in research and development.

Jet Mill
The powder of medicine is crushed under the condition of airflow expansion without heating up. It is suitable for ultrafine crushing of heat-sensitive, low melting point, sugar-containing and volatile materials.
It is suitable for the fine classification of dry micron products. It can classify spherical, flake, and needle-shaped particles, and can also classify particles of different densities.
Flameproof Rotary Valv
It is suitable for unloading, metering, dust removal, quantitative conveying and mixing in powder (powder, granular materials, powder-grain mixture) conveying systems.
Production Line
The system adopts advanced touch screen and programmable PLC controller to realize fully automatic control, and the oxygen content control is easy and simple.
Machinery Seal
Under the action of the elastic force of the compensation mechanism and the cooperation of the auxiliary seal, it is a device to prevent fluid leakage, which is formed by keeping fit and sliding relatively.

The company is committed to the development and production of ultra-fine powder equipment such as jet mills and jet classifiers, including: fluidized bed jet mills, disc-type supersonic jet mills, jet classifiers, and pharmaceuticals that meet GMP/FDA requirements Food grade jet mill, intelligent environmentally friendly pesticide crushing and mixing system and intelligent explosion-proof jet milling equipment system, etc.


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The airflow superfine pulverizer can be widely used for the superfine pulverization of dry powder materials such as western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, pesticides, chemical industry, metallurgy, non-metallic minerals, talc, barite, kaolin, quartz, graphite, flame retardant materials, materials, ceramics, etc. .

Technical Articles

Ultrafine grinding equipment is a high-tech industrial enterprise technology that pulverizes various solid materials into powder with a diameter of 10m. The management of the crushing process of solid materials in ultra-fine crushing equipment uses mechanical design methods to continuously increase the surface area, that is, the conversion of mechanical energy.



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